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I haven’t posted on music before so my task for today is to change that. We’ve been getting some early Summer sun here for the past few days (ok, so it’s still only Spring but we’ll take sunshine whenever we can) and it has lifted everyone’s spirits enormously. It put me in mind of this YouTube clip I came across a while ago.

To explain the background, Planxty are an Irish traditional/folk group formed in the 1970s who still perform together occasionally, although the individual members have each gone on to successful solo careers. The clip is taken from TG4, an Irish language TV station in case anyone is wondering what the writing is scrolling along the bottom of the screen. It was recorded in Dublin’s National Stadium in 1973, a difficult time in the country’s history but one which coincided with a traditional musical revival whose legacy is still being enjoyed today.

The Raggle Taggle Gypsy is a well know folk song and the second tune in the clip, Tabhair dom do Lámh is one of my favourites. It means “Give me your hand” and, as the name suggests, is a popular wedding song. Piper Liam Ó Flynn plays a great version in this clip.

So if you have 4’30 minutes today, click here, turn up the volume and listen out for the beautiful changeover at 2’34 as they lead into the second tune.