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If there’s a feel-good way to ease into the week it’s with a velvety cappuccino and a few pages of a good book. To carry on that feel-good factor, each morning this week I’ll be trying a different café and scribbling a few lines on a ‘thought for the day’; a sort of coffee-blog-within-a-blog.

Today’s ‘thought’ is courtesy of the oversize chalkboard in this morning’s choice, a very trendy warehouse-style café serving this most delicious, creamy, smooth coffee:

All sorrows are less with bread.

Don Quixote never uttered a truer word. For when we’re tired of food, surely we’re also a little tired of life? Rather than succumb to the fictional notion of ‘Monday blues’, choose to embrace the simple, everyday pleasures – fresh bread, real butter, good coffee. With a full stomach, all else will seem but a trifle.