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For Day 2 of my coffee blog/diary I chose a lounge-style café, the type with comfy sofas, stacks of books and nineteen varieties of tea (although I still picked coffee). Rather than trawl online for meaningful quotations, I’m trying to let the ‘thought for the day’ in this little experiment, find me. So I opened a freesheet and immediately saw this from Richard Burton’s recently released diaries:

I loathe, loathe, loathe acting. I shudder at the thought of going to work

It’s serendipitous that I chanced upon this particular quotation since I was on a film set for the first time last week. I saw first hand the discipline and patience required of actors, the inherent silliness they must feel in dressing up, pretending to be someone else, not to mention the skill of giving meaning to their lines in take after take of the same scene. It is an exhaustingly slow process. Small wonder there is so much self-loathing hedonism in the film industry.

The above link is worth a read for a larger sample of Burton’s diaries. Witty, bleak, self-knowing; I may have to take a closer look.