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In the course of compiling these past few caffeine inspired posts I’ve had many coffees, some (most!) of which I forgot to photograph before it was too late. I’ve also lost at least one scarf, become too accustomed to buying good coffee to want to make my own, and managed not to darkened the door of a corporate multi-national.

Some people object to Instagram and other such photo filters. As you’ll have seen with my previous coffee photos, I used a filter because like the effect it creates. Yet I also understand the argument that we’re putting rose-tinted glasses on the present, not just the past, as if reality needs adulterating to make it more palatable.

So here, in all their bare, unInstagrammed glory, is a sample of the cups that were drunk without any particular musing to accompany them, beyond the usual everyday thoughts of ‘to-do’ lists and work, the unsung heroes that have been my caffeine highlight on any given day,…..

And because some of the best coffees are shared…