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Last week, after much deliberation, I bought my first touch screen device of any kind. Early adopter I am not, but having made the decision to buy a Google Nexus 7, I am in love with this piece of technology.

But this post isn’t really about tablets. It’s about discovery.

By familiarising myself with some reading apps, especially the beautifully formatted Google Currents, I’ve opened up a new world of online content. Admittedly the focus is very much US orientated, with some good editions from British publishers. It may be some time before the Irish media catches up, especially on the Android platform, but I live in hope.

I’ve previously written about the inertia that comes from too much online choice but one of the benefits of a good reader app is the ability to create a stream of information on areas of interest without the noise and self-absorption found on Twitter. And without the hassle of daily checking multiple websites. I know this is not news to anyone remotely tech-minded but it has been revolutionary for me.

And so this next post is directly inspired by an article which I would not otherwise have found…